As schools re-open and summer draws to a close, here at Add Then Multiply, we’ve found ourselves in a reflective mood. We can be reluctant to let go of our holidays, but a change of season can also herald growth . So this week, we hand the blog over to David to share his seven tips on how to start afresh this September.




My daughter Madsie has recently embarked upon her teacher training course, having left her previous career just three short weeks ago![1] Having spoken to her several times over the past few weeks, it has been incredible to see what a change it has made.


Don’t get me wrong, things aren’t perfect. She still worries and over-thinks as she has always done, but now she has a spring in her step. She actually likes Mondays and she can’t stop talking about what she has learnt. With this new beginning, it is only now that she sees just how much of a rut she was in. Three years spent behind a computer just weren’t right for her. And she is getting her professional shine back; that dazzling core of her personality which was ignited with family and friends but completely forgotten at work.


I’m sure we can all empathise with this. As entrepreneurs, we do what we love. But 70 hour weeks and crazy deadlines can make us forget. We too lose our shine, and with that our passion. So I’m sure you’ll agree that any opportunity to experience a new perspective is welcome!  And with that in mind, I’d like to share my seven tips on starting afresh this month, in the hope that it will reignite your enthusiasm for the world around you.


1. Read up on Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset Theory

I’ve always been fascinated by neuroscience, and Dr Dweck’s discoveries on what she terms ‘The Growth Mindset’ are fascinating. Research has shown that our brain is incredibly malleable, more so than we previously thought. Studies have shown that ‘with practice, neural networks grow new connections, strengthen existing ones, and build insulation that speeds transmission of our impulses.’[2] If you are committed, you can actually increase your neural growth! Reading up on Dweck’s research is a wonderful way to begin a journey of exploration and development, both in and out of the working world.


2. Start a Bullet Journal

Bullet journaling has been described as being transformative to life ‘in more ways than you can imagine.’[3] In essence it is a combination of a do list, diary and reminder system that will enable you to get on top of your tasks and reflect on your day. It is a great way to get organised and start anew.


3. Check out Robertson Cooper, and Consider What They Could Do for Your Company

Ever had a bad day at work? Robertson Cooper could be for you! As big believers in workplace well-being, they help to bring good mental health to the forefront of your work. As a founder, you are in the fantastic position of being able to change things like this. Notice a slump in performance? Consider Robertson Cooper; good well-being spikes both productivity and creativity, so they are definitely worth looking into.[4]


4. Explore That Hobby You’ve Been Meaning to for Years

Whether its running (I’ve signed up to run a half marathon on the 30th September, having never been a runner in the past!) or yoga, pottery or wine tasting, there will be something you have been meaning to try, but never found the time. And here’s my challenge to you: book a class! Just one, it doesn’t have to be a commitment, but it is vital to do things for yourself, and things that make you happy. Obby is a great site to explore a vast range of hobbies. They even feature ‘Mindful Hot Chocolate Meditation’ as one of the classes on offer!


5. Shake Things up at Work

Many businesses consider April-March as their financial year, so why not take September as a mid-way point to take stock of the year thus far. Organise a board meeting, send out a survey to your employees, do something different. As a team discuss: what is going well? What could have gone better? Organise something fun (perhaps one of the classes above, or a day trip away). Get your team together and encourage everyone to share their feedback and opinions. Big companies often forget to ask people outside of senior management, so see this as your opportunity to empower your staff and get trusted employees involved in a range of high-level meetings for a week, to see if they offer a different perspective.


6. Set Yourself a Challenge

When we are outside of our comfort zone, we grow. And there is no better way to do this than by setting yourself a challenge. Don’t over-do it and stress yourself out, start simple and build from there. This Ted Talk is a brilliant way to think about how you can take yourself out of your comfort zone.


7. Go to a Networking Event

Perfect your elevator pitch and head off to a networking event in the hope of meeting some interesting people. It may lead to business, it may lead to friends, but you will never know if you do not try. Check out this website to start looking for events that are relevant to you.


Happy adventures!




[1]    And if you want to read about her original decision to take the plunge, click here.

[2]    Decades of Scientific Research that Started a Growth Mindset Revolution.

[3]    Hal Elrod, Author of The Miracle Morning  on The Analog Method for the Digital Age.

[4]    28% more productive, 31% more creative.