Most entrepreneurs are very driven, self-motivated people. They have a tremendous amount of energy, and they care very deeply about their business. They care more than anyone else does, and rightfully so.


Here at Add then Multiply, we are no different. And because of that, we actively encourage our clients to take a break at this time of the year.


Whether you choose to celebrate Christmas or not, it is natural that things slow down at this time of year (unless you work in retail!). Despite this, many entrepreneurial organisations urge their members to give their businesses one final push, in order to maximise sales in a time that would otherwise be quiet. We disagree with this approach. We firmly believe that it’s important to take a break. In fact, we have convinced several clients not only to shut down their offices between Christmas and New Years, but to give their staff the 3 days off on the company, rather than requiring them to use up their holiday. Some may say that an extra 3 days of paid leave is expensive. But we think this is nonsense; an extra 3 days of paid leave shows that you care!


In urging our clients to give their staff the time off, we also urge them to take time off themselves.  Taking a break is good for you, and will therefore be good for your business.


Those of you who have been following this blog for a while may remember the post we did earlier in the year on stress and burnout. This is a very important issue for every entrepreneur to keep in mind. As David discusses from his own experience, when you burn out you do not accomplish much, if anything at all.  As the leader of your own business, that is bad news for the company.


While burnout may be a little extreme, it’s important not to lose sight of a healthy work-life balance, which is something every entrepreneur should pay attention to.  Not just for the long-term benefits, which nobody can dispute, but for short-term benefits too. By keeping a good balance, you allow your mind and body to rest. This helps you get a good night’s sleep, which is critical for strong performance.


Resting your mind is perhaps the most important thing you can do.  It can be mentally exhausting when you are always switched on.  Take a break and let your mind relax.  Take a few days off over the holidays, and don’t think about your business.  As your mind quiets, you’ll be amazed at what thoughts can bubble up from deep inside you. A quiet mind has the potential to bring forth your most creative and wisest thinking. Freed from the clutter of the 1,001 things you are normally thinking about, you have the ability to tap into your innermost thoughts.  They are the ones that truly have the potential to transform you, your life and your business.  Take time off from thinking, and allow your wisdom to shine through.


Taking a break


We would like to wish all of our readers a wonderful and restful time over the holidays.  We’re going to follow our own advice and take a break between Christmas and New Years, spending time with friends and family, and trusting that in the quiet moments our own wisdom and creativity will come forth and set us onto the right path for 2018.  We will be back again with our next post on Monday, 8 January.


Until then, happy resting!


All the best, from the team at Add then Multiply