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 Are you frustrated by the challenges of growing your business organically? Have you ever wondered if there was a way to grow exponentially? Fast?

There is a better way but you’ll need to break a few rules in your thinking about business. This book shows you how.







About The Book

In the Amazon #1 Bestseller: Add Then Multiply, author David Horne shares with you the skills, experience and knowledge he has gained in an international business career spanning more than 30 years. Along with many other practical stories, he gives you the inside story of Huveaux plc, where he worked with the Founder to achieve 25x growth in revenue and 11x growth in profit in just three years. You’ll get the facts and details to apply his FACE methodology step by step, enabling you to achieve exponential growth in your business.

Read this book to understand, and apply, each stage of David’s FACE methodology:

Fund: Explore your options to raise money

Acquire: Master the steps to take when you buy another business

Consolidate: Know your real challenge: putting two businesses together

Exit: Realise your dreams.

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What’s Inside the Amazon #1 Bestseller


Imagine you could grow your business 10× or more in just three years. As entrepreneurs, we are all about growth, but that kind of growth is out of the ordinary. For many established businesses, organic growth of 20–25% a year represents a stretching objective, and as you go through certain stages as a business, you hit pain points. Imagine you didn’t have to do that. Imagine there was another way. There is. I’ve done it.


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Book Launch

The official book launch 16 October 2019
Add then Multiply: How small businesses can think like big businesses and achieve exponential growth