As Spring approaches and the days lengthen, our daily dose of inspiration seems to have an even greater impact. Bearing this in mind, this week we share our top three reads for spring, in the hope that it will help whatever entrepreneurial dream you are having become a reality.


‘I dream my painting and I paint my dream’

– Vincent Van Gogh


The ‘pick-me-up’ read


G’morning, G’night! Little Pep Talks for Me & You  by Lin-Manuel Miranda


The creative genius behind the legendary ‘Hamilton’ has long had a way with words. Before sharing the now cult-classic musical with the world, Miranda was transmitting inspirational ideas via twitter. Each day, he carefully used his 140 characters to send out a poem in the morning and at night.  Miranda’s messages reflect what he wished he had heard when times were tough, or he needed an extra boost. This book is a collection of his mini pep talks that made their debut on twitter. Whether you read a poem a day, or all in one go, it’s perfect for getting that quick hit of inspiration. For examples of what you can find in this beautifully illustrated book, see below:


Good morning, he said.                       

Be at home in your head.                 

Make sure joy is well fed.                                     

Don’t let dread hog the bed.


Good night now, and rest.                       

Today was a test.         

You passed it, you’re past it. 

Now breathe till unstressed.[1]


We love this book and carry it with us everywhere.


Want to know more? Listen to an excerpt of Miranda reading from his audiobook here.


The creativity compendium


The Art of Creative Thinking by Rod Judkins


‘A business has to be evolving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative interests.’

-Richard Branson.


If you’re feeling a little short of creativity, our next read is just the thing for you. Central St. Martins lecturer Rod Judkins takes you into a world where mistakes are good, and improvisation is necessary. One story Judkins shares in the book really sparked our interest. Feeling out of his depth as a first-time TV producer, he was tasked with the job of creating a soap-opera. Stale ideas abounded, and the experts were stuck.


Working with an established team, Judkins changed their approach entirely. He had cameramen brainstorm story lines, costume designers invent characters and sound people scout locations. With the pressure off, the new team experimented and had fun. And the result was a success. It made us think back to Simon Sinek’s wonderful story about Steve Jobs and the way he altered Apple’s entire direction because he knew it was right. In this collection of stories, Judkins shares countless tips and tricks for getting back in touch with your creativity. It might just help you see than you are more creative than you think![2]


The book that’ll blow your mind


When we reviewed Supercoach by Michael Neill we realised we hadn’t yet shared his seminal work The Inside Out Revolution. As this post is all about inspirational texts, we thought it only right that the book had a place on our list. The nature of life is that there are ups and downs, and these can seem ever more acute when you’re an entrepreneur.


To learn how to be more ‘graceful’ during the lows, you need to read this book.[3] From changing the way you understand thought, to relinquishing control, this book may turn everything you know on its head. And as our creative friend, Rod Judkins believes, this might just be a very good thing.


And so, we leave you with another quote from Miranda’s book. He’s got a way with words after all. Until next time!


Good night!

Good night!

Let’s make some new mistakes!

Let’s stumble towards success and pack some snacks

for little breaks![4] 



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