Spring has officially sprung! And despite the unreliable weather, we’re feeling truly inspired this week. In a season of opportunity and new beginnings, entrepreneurs thrive. In that vein, this week we pass the blog back to David to share some exciting news…




Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking to 80 switched on property entrepreneurs at The Belfry Hotel and Resort. Daniel Hill, an award-winning entrepreneur who runs #PropertyEntrepreneur invited me to speak, and I was introduced to his community as “The man who has raised over £100,000,000.”


In this keynote presentation, I talked the audience through the pros and cons of both equity and debt funding, sharing with them a lesson on the latter that I learned from my Dad at the age of 14: “What you borrow, you must pay back.” Those were the words he said to me as he countersigned my first bank loan. The loan was a small one, just $200, but it allowed me to acquire a serious addition to my coin collection that I had been building for several years! More importantly, it taught me a great lesson, and it enabled me to have a credit rating when I repaid the loan aged 16.


Different forms of equity fundraising


During the presentation, we spent time going through the different forms of equity fundraising, and the various roles and expectations of the investors in each case. You can learn more by clicking the links to previous blog posts:



The other guest speaker and I joined Daniel on stage at the end of the day for nearly an hour of Q&A. It was an excellent, energy-filled day sharing knowledge and ideas with a room full of interesting and engaging people. It was an honour to share something I am so passionate about: helping entrepreneurs to raise funds for their business.


In fact… 


I’ve been working on a book all about fundraising and growing your business, which will be published this summer. In this time of new beginnings, it feels so right.


Stay tuned for our next post, when we’ll share a sneak peek of the book!


Until then,