David B. Horne’s TEDx Talk

The Fight for Fairer Funding

On 9 October 2020, our Founder, David B Horne gave a 13-minute talk at TEDxPCL in London.

Because of Covid-19 restrictions, the live audience was limited to the other speakers plus a very select few dignitaries, and on that day all of the speakers were streamed over the internet to an audience of several thousand.

To the best of our knowledge, TEDxPCL was one of very few TEDx events that actually took place live during the pandemic.

We are delighted to bring you the official version of the talk which was been approved and distributed by TEDx Talks.

Entitled “The Fight for Fairer Funding” David takes you on a journey back to his childhood when, thanks to his Mum, he learned about equality from a very young age. We then move quickly to the present day, and David tells you of his journey of discovery. It started at an event in the spring of 2019, when David had spoken at an event about fundraising for small businesses.

After his talk, a woman asked him why so little funding went to female entrepreneurs. David didn’t know the answer and promised that he would find out. He did, and he was shocked. This talk tells you the full story, and what David is doing about it today.

The TEDx talk is only a part of David’s activities. Learn more about his work by navigating this site and his social enterprise, Funding Focus.


“ Congratulations on this timely speech, David. And one of many that need to be delivered to continue the momentum on gender discussions globally. You were confident, funny, poised. You hit the nail with the data without throwing in too many numbers. You subtly demolished the bias against women entrepreneurs.

You gave these women a byte-sized digital weapon to throw at testosterone-favouring business leaders. The link to your talk will be rather useful to them. The mild self-deprecation about being a David was your finest point. You finished with a call to action that probably crawled under the skin of every VC sitting in the audience. Kudos! “

Nishtha Chugh

David’s passion and commitment to his mission is what drew me to him in the first place, and here it is on full display. His TEDx talk is eye-opening, critically important, and expertly delivered.

Brian Miller, international speaker and TEDx coach, whose TEDx talk has been viewed 3.4 million times

A gripping story that combines comedy and the harsh truths of funding inequality. David has a natural stage presence that accentuates the severity that minority entrepreners face. His suggestions are gold and this talk will inspire millions to take action.

Thibau (T) Grumett – Creator of TEDxPCL

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