At Add then Multiply we’re big believers of a work-life balance, navigating our dichotomies, and knowing when to switch off and when to switch on as an entrepreneur.


With this in mind, David recently joined a podcast session with Mike Reid, the Co-Founder of Dent Global and the host of the Dichotomy Podcast, a show which provides entrepreneur’s with a guide to finding balance in business and living a more extraordinary life.


In addition to being the host of this Podcast and Co-Founder of Dent Global, a company in which David plays the role of CFO, Mike Reid is also the co-author of the best-selling book, Key Person of Influence – The 5-step sequence to becoming more visible, valuable and well-connected in the industry you love”.


In this session David shares some of the dichotomies he faces in his personal life and career and how he’s balanced them to achieve that work-life balance. He speaks about his personal and professional highlights and how switching off, by meditating and running, and being present helps him achieve his goals for wealth creation.


Listen to more of David’s advice on this topic on Ep. 15 David Horne on the Dichotomies of Wealth Creation.