Susan Jeffers is often dubbed ‘the Queen of Self-Help’ and her book Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway has helped people all over the world since its publication in 1987.  We discovered the book in 2007 and often turn back to it in when we feel we need a little guidance.


In the foreword to the 20th-anniversary edition, Jeffers shares the struggle she faced in trying to get the book published. Rejection after rejection forced her to put the manuscript away for a few years until one day she rediscovered it.


Reading through the text, she realised how many people it could help and vowed to find a way to get it out into the world. And finally, she did.


As entrepreneurs, we all know that sometimes we have to hustle. Sometimes our bright idea doesn’t get the green light it deserves. But that doesn’t mean it never will. This book appealed to us from the get-go because Jeffers wrote it from a place of experience. She knows what it is to fail, and she knows what it is to be held back by fear. That being said, Jeffers also knows that fear does not have to hold us back.


For our book club this week we chose to feature Feel the Fear, because it is full of tools and concepts to help readers overcome their fears and lead more meaningful lives.


From uncovering why we fear, to understanding our negative thoughts, this iconic text aims to help the reader to see that they can handle any situation that comes their way. Jeffers explains that when this barrier is overcome, there is not much left to fear.


Our Favourite Part


As entrepreneurs, we really identified with the ‘How to Make a No-lose Decision’ Chapter. Running a business is tough. Every day you are faced with decisions, whether they be exciting opportunities, such as choosing which investor to work with, or difficult ones, like figuring out where to cut back. However, what can often be the most paralysing aspect of decision-making is the fear that we will make the ‘wrong’ decision.


As we saw with Brené Brown’s Daring Greatly, this chapter explains that our quest for perfectionism also holds us back. Jeffers explains that because we are so afraid of making mistakes, we overlook the fact that we can learn and grow from these experiences. If we can benefit from a supposedly ‘wrong’ decision, then there can be no such thing as a ‘bad’ choice, simply one that we learn from.


One of our favourite quotes from the book also arises in this chapter:“All you have to do to change your world is change the way you think about it.”  This beautiful quote demonstrates the importance of perspective.


If we can begin to see that every decision we make will lead us to learn more about ourselves and take more responsibility for our lives, then ultimately we will feel more in control and less overwhelmed by decisions.


Our Main Takeaway from the Book


It has to be that everyone experiences fear. This can be eye-opening for some people, who look on at successful business people, activists, and other ground-breakers who seem to approach life with a sense of fearlessness. But Jeffers explains that this is simply not true. In the chapter ‘Can’t You Make It Go Away?’ she goes through the ‘Five Truths About Fear’ which essentially explain that not only does everyone experience fear, but that it will never go away, as long as we continue to grow.


Jeffers explains that as long as fear is approached from a position of power, it can help us to expand and achieve things we never thought possible.


It is not an overstatement to say that this book is a game changer if approached in the right way. From understanding why we fear, to shining light on the negative thoughts that so often stop us from advancing in our lives, this book is a fantastic entry point for anyone wanting to find more joy and power within themselves.


It has to be said that facing fear takes courage. Here at Add Then Multiply, we have learned that it is always worth it. Perhaps, the book will help you find the courage to hire your next employee. Perhaps, it will encourage you to seek further investment, and fulfill your dreams of growth.



Perhaps, it will simply help you understand your fears a little better and show you how to approach life with a bit more ease.

So what are you waiting for? Feel the fear… and read it anyway!